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What I learned in exmA_2020

I had the opportunity to attend EXMA 2020 BE ON_virtually and for free.

As a first anecdote, I tell you that I realized the great changes that came in this new stage of our lives to stay and reimagine us.

Today morning I woke up feeling unwell and had to take some medication.

However, being in my bed, I was able to receive the information from EXMA completely.

Likewise, from my bed and with a little discomfort, I made a post on Instagram @gotogongooficial and Facebook @gotogongobogota alluding to Mother's Day and inviting customers to place their food orders in our store 40.< /p>

Within a few minutes I received 5 orders to ship on Sunday.

My youngest son Juan Camilo came over to spoil me and ask me how I was doing...I hugged him and gave him money to buy a jet chocolate that he loves.

My wife made me lunch, low in salt and with salad to take care of my health.

I had lunch in my bed and continued on, listening to the EXMA speakers.

I took notes and learned from experts, new consumer trends, new lifestyle habits, new ways of communicating, the importance of "phygital" Artificial Intelligence, physical - digital, separating past and future, I learned that "fast is the new big" and I summarized that my new strategic directive is go go go.

Go Create - Go to Cooperate - Go to Review

Create - Cooperate - Give your opinion

I was very excited to receive so much information and together with my 15 year old son David, we included the WhatsApp Business button on our web portal

This to continue with the digital marketing strategy of our brand.

In the end I understood that the world changed, because a few months ago, I would have simply woken up unwell and would have lost the price of the ticket to attend EXMA and likewise would not have received all this valuable information, but with this new style of life, despite the difficulties you can move forward.

A hug to everyone.

With love,

William Contreras


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