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One of the categories hardest hit by the coronavirus is Restaurants.

But the question is?

What can I really do to reimagine or reinvent myself.

I'm going to speak to you from experience, as a family we have been in the food business for more than 40 years and we have experienced many good stages and other learning stages.

I also understand that you are tired of receiving a lot of information, most of it theoretical and given by people who have not even had a business model.

The first thing I advise you is to understand that what we previously knew as business models and ways of living will never return.

The first thing is to generate that degree of awareness that will lead you to think differently and expand your creative capacity.

Second, list what your skills are and what you have learned throughout this life journey and if you are young and it is your first venture, ask those who have already experienced these processes, this will prevent you from making so many past mistakes.< /p>

Those projects that you once left half done or that you thought would not work, surely at this moment they can be very useful and can become a new route to follow.

I want to go with you step by step and that we learn in the best way, so we are going to comply and we are going to start reimagining ourselves.

In the next post we will talk about taking your idea to the digital world.

Hugs and start now!

William Contreras


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