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Covid 19 impact on consumption_nielsen

Nielsen_Covid 19_impacto en el Consumo M
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This Nielsen report shows us how consumption habits are changing in Colombian homes and the way of buying, paying, ordering, how new sales channels are growing, especially virtual channels and the way in which each customer becomes familiar. day more Colombians, with the shopping cart.

This is a quick look at the changes we must implement in our businesses, companies and daily lives, if we want to start re-imagining ourselves in the present future.

My advice is don't get left behind, don't be afraid of these changes, I want to tell you that I discovered a way to sell less but earn more.

All digital media that have been born and that are spectacular must be used. These new media come to complement those we already know and help us live a more intense and dynamic life.

Everything we knew as traditional is changing and being fortunate enough to live in this time is an opportunity to visualize the future and be part of it.

From my experience and profession I can tell you that living in this new world is being able to create, imagine, and detach yourself from paradigms and myths of the past that made life boring and flat.

If you want to go deeper into these topics, and in Digital Marketing, here is my information.

William Contreras


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